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Quality Home Care Services Advice: Winter Moving Tips

Nov 7, 2018 by Garrett Sullivan

Moving can be difficult during any season. However, it is a particular challenge in the winter months. The cold temperatures paired with the snow and ice can make moving a risky initiative. If your senior loved one is moving this winter, be sure to recommend these winter moving tips from aides who offer quality home care services.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Winter weather is often unpredictable. For this reason, it’s a good idea for seniors to keep an eye on the forecast. In the event their move is scheduled for a day when a snowstorm is predicted to hit, it’s best to reschedule their move.

Clear Walkways

Seniors should the walkways from the home they are moving out of and the home they are moving into is clear. Professionals who specialize in quality home care services explain that ice and snow are very dangerous for older adults to walk on. However, they become even more dangerous when heavy boxes are involved.

Move in Early

During the winter season, it gets dark early. For this reason, professionals who offer quality home care services recommend moving in early in the day. This way, it will be light outside and seniors don’t have to worry about walking around in the dark.

Hire Professional Moving Services

Although professional moving services are expensive, they are often well worth it for older adults. Professional movers can take care of the heavy lifting so that seniors do not have to lift heavy boxes and keep going outside in the cold weather. If professional moving services are not an option, asking family members or friends for help is a wise idea.

Keeping an eye on the forecast, clearing walkways, moving in early, and hiring professional moving services can help seniors take the stress out of a winter move.

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