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In Home Care Professionals Talk About When Driving May Be Becoming Unsafe For Your Elderly Parent

Oct 16, 2018 by Garrett Sullivan

If you have ever had to question your loved one’s ability to drive, you know how difficult it can be. You want your loved one to be independent and they want to be as well. Unfortunately, in home care providers warn that you sometimes must judge their driving performance and then decide whether it is time to take away the keys or not. It is a tough decision but one that needs to be made if your loved one cannot drive safely on the road.

Below, our in home care specialists will talk about some of the questions you can ask yourself and things to keep an eye out for as you assess your loved one’s ability to drive around town.

  • Do you notice any questionable driving habits? In home care providers consider acts of aggression or frustration with other drivers questionable along with tailgating and taking risks
  • Take several drives with your loved one and watch out for changes in their demeanor. Do they become upset, anxious, or tired?
  • Walk around your loved one’s car and look for signs of damage due to an accident that they may not have told you about
  • Is your parent aware of their surroundings as they drive? Do they avoid driving at night or even alone? This could be an indication that they are struggling and need some assistance
  • Do you notice that their reaction time is slowed down? Do they respond slowly to stop signs or red lights?

Your loved one’s ability to drive can be limited by several factors from vision loss to an underlying disease or even just age. Our in home care team can help you assess your loved one’s ability to drive. Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about how we can help. 

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