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In Home Senior Care Experts Weigh In On Elderly Nutrition Myths

Jun 13, 2018 by Garrett Sullivan

There has been a changing movement that has impacted everyone around and that is healthy eating and better nutrition. Society has started to make changes to eat better foods and consume healthier options these days. While the movement itself is a wonderful idea, along with it comes some misinformation that can be especially dangerous to seniors. Our in home senior care team will dispel some of the nutrition myths below to give you and your loved one a better idea of how nutrition plays a role in their health. Of course, before your senior makes any changes to their diet, they should consult their physician.

1. Fewer nutrients are needed as a senior. While some seniors do actually require less nutrients or calories than some adults, it is not safe to assume all do. In fact, the body can have difficult time absorbing nutrients as it ages, so it is important to make sure you get the right amount of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. The goal for seniors should be to not try to reach a caloric number but take in as many of their required nutrients as possible. Some wonderful foods include lean proteins, vegetables, whole-wheat bread, fruits, and calcium enriched milk.

2. Gaining weight is not risky. In home senior care teams warn against seniors gaining too much weight. While many tend to think that it is not dangerous, it can affect their mobility and cardiovascular health too. Our bodies slow down as we age, and our metabolism cannot keep up, so weight gain can happen quickly and in large amounts too.

In home senior care teams want you to remember that your senior still needs nutrients and should have a healthy diet in place to ensure they can meet their required daily values. In addition, seniors need to make sure that they stay hydrated as well.

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