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24 Hour Home Care Teams Can Help Your Loved One Learn Social Media

Apr 24, 2018 by Garrett Sullivan

You have likely heard that seniors are incapable of using the Internet because they are too old, or they cannot get it as they did not grow up with social media. These are just myths and they are not true at all. Many seniors are able to navigate the Internet and social media without any issues and others can learn. 24 hour home care teams often recommend that seniors use social media because it allows them to stay connected and it allows them to pass time when they are at home alone.

Studies have been performed that look at seniors and social media. These studies have revealed two important things that 24 hour home care professionals want to share. First, seniors who have positive experiences on social media are overall happier in life. Secondly, seniors who participate in groups and interact online are more likely to make better, healthier decisions about their life and become more social.

Facebook is one of the more popular social media platforms and it is used by many. Your loved one will likely find it to be the easiest to use as well. 24 hour home care experts have seen the benefits of social media as it allows your parent to connect with his or her friends and family that may be far away and it allows them to see pictures and even video chat with one another.

If your loved one does start to use the Internet or social media, you should monitor their activity and teach them about scams, as many scammers will target the elderly.

If you would like to learn more about social media and how our 24 hour home care team can teach your loved one to be safe online, call Comfort Keepers in Guilford today.

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