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End Of Life Care Professionals Talk About Brain Injuries And Fall Prevention

Mar 9, 2018 by Garrett Sullivan

When you think of your loved one falling down, you may become frightened or even fear the worst and you have every right to do so. Traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of death for seniors once they have fallen. TBI can be very hard to recover from, especially when it is severe. Below, our end of life care specialists will talk about some of the ways that you and your loved one can protect the home and make it safer.

If you ever need help making your loved one’s home safer or less hazardous for them, we recommend that you work closely with their end of life care team. Let’s take a look now at some of those fall reduction tips.

  • Your loved one’s vision should be checked by a licensed optometrist at least once per year. Vision problems are one of the leading reasons of falls in a senior’s home
  • Install assistive devices where they make sense and are needed. For example, if your loved one needs help sitting onto the toilet or standing up, make sure to have a bar or some other device he or she can hold onto
  • Do pick up all fall hazards around the home such as loose carpets, clutter, and exposed wires
  • Ensure that the home is well lit, especially in areas that tend to be very dark at night. You can purchase automatic nightlights too, should you need to keep a hallway or slower traffic area lit
  • Encourage your loved one to exercise daily to help strengthen their muscles and build coordination

Our end of life care specialists offers free in-home fall risk prevention assessments and can look over your loved one’s home and inform you of any problem areas that may exist or present a serious risk.

If you would like to schedule the free assessment or you would like to learn more about our end of life care services, contact Comfort Keepers today

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